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On the road of sea stars

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

For some months I have been planning an exhibition with artist Madi Acharya-Baskerville at Zuzushii in Hastings. We booked the dates 21st to 28th November 2020, but as fate decreed, another Covid-19 lockdown was imposed on 5th November. We re-scheduled the exhibition for February 13th to 20th 2021, but further lockdown restrictions have forced us to look at a possible delivery in May 2021. Madi and I are grateful to Laura Lea of Laura Lea Design, who has helped us plan the press and publicity for the show in advance, for which we gratefully requested she take credit as Co-curator. Laura also secured sponsorship from the Brewing Brothers of Hastings. Madi & I also gratefully thank Tim Can and Fumico Azuma of Zuzushii for their kindness in agreeing to host 'On the road of sea stars'.

The title of the show is taken from a poem of the same name written around 1936 by the Dada poet Tristan Tzara, and dedicated to Federico Garcia Lorca. An extract below;

"What wind blows on the world's loneliness

That I remember dear ones

frail griefs breathed by death

above time's clumsy hunts

the storm rejoiced its end nearer

that the sand had yet to round its hard haunch

but on the mountains pockets of fire

put out without fail their prey's light

wan and short such a friend dies

whose outline nobody can describe anymore with words

and no call on the horizon has time to help

a description only measurable until his disappearance"

I have been working since July on a new series of wall-based works called Inklings. I have constructed 8 of these to date. My intention was to show a selection of these alongside Madi's work.

The Inklings are all centred on a basic plywood construction, to which I add elements to build a narrative rebus. I have deliberately recycled certain elements from my previous artworks. Creatively-speaking, I have been highly engaged in the production of these works, and they seem to have formed a basis for an ongoing extended series, with the possibility of developing floor-based versions in future.

Inkling #6


Plywood, mdf, Chinese plastic oranges, fishnet, emulsion paint

Approx 50 x 40 x 32 cms

Inkling #2


Plywood, mdf, stitched paper collage, wood, glass, adhesive lettering, Chinese plastic orange, fishnet, wax, emusion paint

Approx 34 x 29 x 29 cms

★ UPDATE_11June2023; 'On the Road of sea stars' exhibition finally took place in June 2021

Madi Acharya-Baskerville

Laura Lea Design

Zuzushii Art Laboratory

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