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MAINSTREAM screen print edition 2021

The limited edition (25) of my MAINSTREAM screen prints was finally unleashed in late January. Produced in collaboration with Laura Lea and printed by Oli Fowler. The edition of two prints have been individually embossed with my stamp and signed and numbered. Each set of prints are shipped complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, x2 38mm MAINSTREAM button badges, a couple of MAINSTREAM stickers, my business card in an orange envelope, and all wrapped in orange acid-free tissue paper. The price of the edition is 90.00 plus shipping. They can now be ordered via Laura Lea's website;

Laura Lea visited my studio in January to deliver the prints and to take photographs for her social media promotion:

I also took some photos when I fulfilled the first order we received;

I am indebted to Laura Lea for her energy and enthusiasm in getting this edition together, and for commissioning the excellent expertise of Oli Fowler to print all 50 screen prints under difficult circumstances (Covid-19 restrictions & late deliveries of materials).


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